$ 2,338.57 



Designed for use with DC, CC or CV power supplies, MobileFeed 300AVS features a permanent magnet drive motor with solid-state control for dependable wire feeding, controlled acceleration, smooth arc starts and chatterfree operation. A totally enclosed, impact-resistant, flame retardant case protects the welding wire from dirt, metal grit, moisture and other contaminants.


  • Arc voltage feeder for use with DC, CC or CV power supplies with straight (DC-) or reverse (DC+) polarity operation - no switches to set
  • Ideal for harsh environments such as pipe lines, shipyards, offshore, general fabrication and more
  • For use with 8 or 12 in. wire spools for enhanced portability, smaller size and reduced weight
  • Enclosed, super impact-resistant case protects against dirt, metal grit, and moisture as well as extreme abuse, from grinding sparks, corrosive chemicals, drops and more
  • CC Euro torch connection for fast setup – no external gas hose or trigger wire
  • Heavy duty 4 roll feed unit with PWM drive provides powerful, dependable wire feeding with Automatic slow wire run-in and Electronic Dynamic Braking for overall improved operation
  • Safety features include insulated case, secondary contactor, low voltage torch trigger circuit and overload protection
  • Designed to meet the most rigid standards. Meets lEC-974-1 specifications.



  • Height 17.2 in.
  • Length 20.7 in.
  • Width 8.6 in.

Input Ratings:

  • Minimum    
    • VDC: 16.5 VDC


  • Maximum
    • VDC :  100 VDC
    • Volts 113 peak V

Weight : 32 lb
Wire Feeder Specifications

  • Wire Diameter: 0.023-5/64 in.
  • Conditional Qualification :  Wire Diameter Capacity
  • Max Spool Diameter :  12 in.
  • Wire Length per Minute :  50-800* in./min
  • Wire Spool Capacity:  44 lb


***Extra Information***

  • MobileFeed 300AVS will fit through 18 in. (457 mm) dia. hole. Not for use with AC power sources. 

*Actual speed range depends on the arc voltage.