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Designed for the professional welder, our Trailblazer® welder/generators deliver unbeatable arc performance, the smoothest, most stable arc in the industry and an independent welder and generator power system.

Exceptional Fuel Efficiency:

  • Auto-Speed™ technology

Exceptional Fuel Efficiency:<br>Auto-Speed™ technology
Standard on all models. Need more power? The engine will automatically ramp up. Change processes to something requiring less power, and the Trailblazer will slow the engine down. Auto-Speed provides:
- Exceptional fuel-efficiency
- Extended runtimes
- Quieter operation
- Reduced emissions

Unbeatable Arc Performance

  • The new Trailblazer has significantly improved performance for all welding processes, making it easy to fine-tune the arc to match your personal preferences and welding style.
  • Three Stick modes for optimized arc performance — XX18, XX10 and Gouge
  • Two Wire modes for simplified setup — Solid and Flux-Core
  • Three TIG modes for optimized arc performance — Auto-Stop™, Auto-Crater™ and Pulse
  • NEW! TIG Pulse mode available for out-of-position welding, thin metals and stainless steel where a lower amount of heat is desired while welding
  • Infinite arc control available in the Stick and Solid Wire modes for easier fine tuning of tough-to-weld materials and out-of-position applications
  • Smaller and Lighter Design

Smaller and Lighter Design

  • The new Trailblazer features Smart-Cor™ technology and a new innovative design – allowing more room on trucks and trailers – leaving space for other equipment and tools. Plus, they’re easier to move safely around jobsites.

Innovative Packaging Design

  • Reversed generator airflow is an exclusive engine and generator packaging helps your equipment operate cooler and more efficiently. The engine is rotated toward the front to create more efficient airflow — reducing the size and sound output.
  • Cleaner and Stronger Generator Power

Cleaner and Stronger Generator Power

  • Smart-Cor technology in our new Trailblazer® includes a newly designed 10-degree skewed rotor and Wave Filter™ technology for a new level of clean generator power. The independent welder/generator power system means no interaction between jobsite tools and the welding arc.
  • Quieter and Better Sound

Quieter and Better Sound

  • A quieter jobsite is a safer, more efficient and more comfortable place to work. The Trailblazer® runs up to 68% more quietly than previous models - meaning your crew can communicate more easily, jobs can start earlier, end later, and complete more work around hospitals, businesses and residential areas. View video >>
  • Electronic Fuel Injection (EFI) & Excel™ Power - Recommended Options

Electronic Fuel Injection (EFI) & Excel™ Power - Recommended Options

  • Electronic Fuel Injection significantly enhances fuel savings and extends runtimes by optimizing the air/fuel ratio for all engine speeds and loads. When you add EFI to your Trailblazer, your machine will run at peak fuel efficiency, regardless of how you’re using it. View video >>

Excel Power- Traditional welder/generators run at 3600 RPM when generator loads are applied. Adding Excel power to your Trailblazer allows you to plug in most jobsite tools while continuing at idle speed (2400 RPM) — doing the same job while burning less fuel. When combined with Auto-Speed™ technology, Excel power allows you to weld and run tools while remaining at idle speed.

Battery Charge/Jump Start Capability - Recommended Option

  • Battery Charge/Jump Start is designed and recommended for mechanics or anyone else responsible for a fleet of trucks or equipment. By using your Trailblazer to charge dead batteries or jump start a stubborn engine, you'll keep your crew working and the fleet up and running.