$ 37.10 



Replacement battery for the Streamlight Strion, Strion LED, and Strion LED HP flashlights. It is a Lithium ion 3.75V battery with an on-board safety control circuit to ensure that the battery is not damaged by being discharged too deeply. The casing is blue and red in color and is 2 7/8 inches in length with a circumference of 2 1/2 inches.

****Please note: Initial shipments of Strion flashlights included a Lithium Ion battery pack that will only work in Strion flashlights. Strion LED flashlights use and are supplied with a battery pack of the same rating but have an additional electrical contact on the bottom. These batteries will work on both Strion and Strion LED lights. Currently Streamlight only uses and supplies the new battery pack that is useable in either model. Part #74175 with a date code below 4607 will only work with Strion lights; part #74175 REV D batteries with a date code of 4607 and above will work with Strion and Strion LED lights.****